Fyre API.

Queue system.

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This comprehensive, fully-featured queue system allows you and your mods to easily manage your community streams.
This works best when used with StreamElements.
Keep your token secret.
Your queue token is the alphanumeric string, visible in the links below. Anyone who has access to it will be able to manipulate your queues. By default, on the public commands page, StreamElements hides the customapi link; but if you want, for extra security, you can also hide the entire command itself.
For each section below, go to your custom commands page and create a new command. Copy and paste each response for the corresponding command.
You can name the command whatever you like (in case you have conflicting command names).


Allows your viewers to join the queue.

Usage example: !join
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/join/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/$(sender)?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))

Allows only subs and VIPs to join.

Usage example: !subjoin
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/join/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/$(sender)?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null)&priority=true)


Allows your viewers to leave the queue.

Usage example: !leave


Allows your viewers to check positions.

Usage examples:
  • !position - check your own position
  • !position thefyrewire - check thefyrewire's position
  • !position 3 - check the next 3 users
  • !position #3 - check who's in position #3
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/position/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/$(sender)?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))


Returns information about the queue.

Usage example: !info


Allows your viewers to view the queue as a webpage.

Usage examples:
  • !list - returns link to webpage
  • !list queues - lists all queue names into chat
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/list/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/$(channel.display_name)?query=$(queryencode $(touser)))


Allows you and your mods to manage the queue.

Usage examples:
  • !queue open - opens the queue
  • !queue close - closes the queue
  • !queue clear - clears the queue
  • !queue new Awesome queue - creates a new queue
  • !queue delete Awesome queue - deletes a queue
  • !queue rename Super awesome queue - renames the active queue
  • !queue set Another awesome queue - set the active queue
  • !queue next - returns next user in queue (see the docs for all possible selections)
  • !queue add thefyrewire - adds user to queue (specify a position after the name to insert at a specific place)
  • !queue remove thefyrewire - removes user from queue
  • !queue purge thefyrewire - removes all user positions from queue
  • !queue superpurge thefyrewire - removes all user positions from all queues
  • !queue promote thefyrewire - boosts user to top of queue
  • !queue demote thefyrewire - sends user to back of queue
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/$(1)?query=$(queryencode $(2:)|null))

Alias commands.

Any of the above queue options can be turned into separate alias commands. For instance, you can do !next instead of !queue next.
You can pick and choose whichever command(s) you think you'll need. (I recommend at least having a !next command).
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/open?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/close?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/clear?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/add?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/delete?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/rename?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/set?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/next?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/remove?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/purge?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/superpurge?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/promote?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))
$(customapi.https://api.thefyrewire.com/twitch/queue/queue/5UdPnZk5uDRp23Mx/demote?query=$(queryencode $(1:)|null))


Need more?

To see the full list of examples and further notes to get the most of out of the queue system, check out the documentation here.