Instant Replay 🎬

Are your mobile viewers tired of wanting to clip and being taken away from your stream?

Let them create clips from straight inside chat.

Was your chat too busy sharing memes and missed that sick headshot?

Let them trigger an instant replay on your overlay.

Tell me more!

What is this? 'This' is actually two different things- a custom API command (for all bots) and a StreamElements custom widget (for StreamElements only, obviously).

Custom API Command?

This lets your viewers do something like !clip in your chat, which will create and return a clip link into chat. By default, these clips are 30 seconds. Creating clips takes a few seconds. To prevent your viewers accidentally generating duplicate clips, you should probably restrict the command to subs or mods only, and put a 5-10 second cooldown on it.

Instant Replay Widget?

If you're here from StreamElements, you probably already have the widget. If not, no worries! There are instructions ahead of here. This overlay is independent of the custom API command above. It has a customisable command built-in, !replay, as well as permissions and vote-to-trigger options.


Wait! Are you already logged into your Twitch account on this browser? Continuing with your actual account will mean clips are generated under your name. This isn't a big deal for some, but over time your Clips Manager may get a little cluttered. If you have a bot account, now would be a good time to open incognito / a private browser and come back here. You can then log in with your bot account and have clips generated under that account.


Do I need to add both the custom API command and the widget? No. They're two separate things and do not rely on each other. Adding both, with the same command trigger, will generate duplicate clips. Until I mitigate this, I would like to ask people to not add both if they can help it (Twitch might oof me). If you do want to add both, make sure to give them different commands, i.e. !clip and !replay. What's the difference though? The custom API command generates a clip and outputs the resulting clip link in chat whereas the instant replay widget generates a clip and displays it in the overlay. The widget has an inbuilt command that can be configured in the overlay editor. The replay widget isn't displaying anything?! It might seem silly, but make sure you're live. If you're live and nothing is showing up still, wait for 5 minutes to ensure you haven't accidentally hit the limit while testing. Still nothing? Drop into my Discord and we'll sort you out. The clips are spamming up my Clips Manager! How do I generate clips under a different account? Login again, but as the bot account and use those tokens.